The Future Of Satellite Internet Is In Unlimited Data

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Unlimited Satellite Internet
Satellite internet is making a wave once again with a new concept in operation: unlimited satellite internet. Satellite internet companies have come a long way in delivering the best internet solution to their rural customers.

As most current and previous satellite internet customers know, data caps are the biggest downfall when it comes to satellite internet, especially as our demand for streaming, gaming and usage of multiple devices at the same time goes up. So leading companies like HughesNet and Viasat have adapted to continuously bring their customers better data plans with more and more generous data caps for everyone.

HughesNet, which is one of the leading satellite internet providers, has already had unlimited satellite internet out in operation since their launch of HughesNet Gen 5 and their EchoStar XIX satellite back in 2016. Their Gen 5 plans include no hard data limits unlike previous HughesNet plans did. Meaning if a HughesNet customer on a Gen 5 plan goes over their data limit, they won’t be cut off or charged more on their monthly bill. Their internet speeds are reduced, but their internet remains on and usable.

Viasat previously Exede, also broke out an unlimited satellite internet plan available to select areas this past fall. As expected, customers gave positive feedback and were overall much happier with their streaming experience. With the latest technology, optimizing all aspects, especially video quality to make unlimited plans affordably possible has been the primary concern for companies in giving customers the streaming experience they want. Viasat’s unlimited services are now available to pretty much all of their customers.

Even cell phone companies like AT&T and Verizon, who have once offered unlimited data then switched to data caps are now back peddling and offering unlimited data once again. T-Mobile introduced an unlimited mobile streaming specific data plan back in 2015. It proved that its customers were willing to forfeit video quality when it meant they could stream more without facing overage fees on their next monthly bill. Customers also claimed they didn’t notice much of a difference in the quality of their streaming experience either as a result of the new data plan.

The need for uncapped data originated had from streaming, but advances in technology will continue to drive the need for unlimited data and faster speeds in the future. With the rise in 4K streaming, VR gaming and smart home devices; more homes will need unlimited data now more than ever before.

It’s safe to say that the satellite internet world they way customers once knew it is changing, and for the better. Although there is still room for improvements within the satellite internet world, things are moving at a faster pace than anyone could’ve thought. Thanks to the latest and greatest technology, customer’s get to have their cake and eat it too!

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