Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV

Get the best of live TV for only $44.99 a month! Record and watch your favorite programs anywhere you are, with Spectrum TV!


for 12 mos*

125+ channels

ESPN, Discovery, Lifetime, TLC, & More

Spectrum TV On Demand

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for 12 mos*

175+ channels

HBO Max™, Showtime®, Nick Jr., NFL Network & More

Spectrum TV On Demand

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for 12 mos*

200+ channels


Spectrum TV On Demand

Call 1-833-830-4320

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Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV provides your whole house with all your favorite live TV and on-demand movies. Plus, you can easily watch all your favorite programming on streaming services such as HBO Max! With three different plans starting at $44.99/mo, there is an option that will work for everyone! Start watching hit channels such as ESPN, NFL Network, HGTV, Nickelodeon, and hundreds more today!

  • Watch 200+ Live Channels!
  • Service Starts At $44.99/Mo!

Spectrum TV Plans

Spectrum offers 3 different tiers of their cable service, Spectrum Select, Silver, and Gold. Packages start at only $44.95/mo and include up to 200+ of your favorite channels. Plus, you can use the Spectrum TV app to watch live and recorded shows anywhere you go on your mobile device. You can also cash in on big savings when you bundle your home internet, TV, and phone through Spectrum.

  • Plans Start At $44.95/mo!
  • Bundle And Save!

Spectrum Premium Channels

If you’re looking for the ultimate movie experience, you can easily add premium channels such as HBO Max, Showtime, Cinemax, and more. Or, if you’re looking for the best sports channels and coverage available, add the Spectrum Sports package to gain access to channels such as the NFL RedZone, ESPN U, CBS Sports, and more!

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Spectrum TV App

Watch TV anywhere you go with the FREE Spectrum TV App on your mobile device!

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Bundle and Save

You can save big when you bundle your Spectrum internet, phone, and TV plans!

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Spectrum On Demand

Stream thousands of hit movies in an instant with Spectrum On Demand!

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Spectrum DVR

Spectrum DVR Tired of missing your favorite shows when they air live? Spectrum has you covered, with their Spectrum DVR system! For only $4.99/month, you can record a minimum of 80 hours of programming. Plus, Spectrum DVR allows you to easily record premium channel content and HD content!

  • Only $4.99/Month!
  • Minimum Of 80 Hours Of Recording!

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Spectrum Select – $44.99/Month

The Select Plan includes 125+ of your favorite live TV channels! For only $44.99$/mo, you can watch stations such as ESPN, Discovery, CNN, HGTV, and many more!

  • Only $44.99/Month!
  • 125+ Channels!

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Spectrum Silver – $74.99/Month

The Silver Plan offers a selection of 175+ channels of TV stations! For $74.99/mo, the Silver Plan includes all the channels in the Spectrum Select plan, plus others such as the NFL Network, HBO Max, Showtime, and more!

  • Only $74.99/Month!
  • 175+ Channels!

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Spectrum Gold – $94.99/Month

The Spectrum Gold Plan contains all of our 200+ channels available on Spectrum TV! For $94.99 you can watch all of the channels included in the Silver and Select Plans, plus hit channels such as Starz and Starz Encore!

  • Only $94.99/Month!
  • 200+ Channels!

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The Ultimate Sports Experience

Spectrum TV provides the best experience for watching live sports coverage! With Spectrum, you can catch all your favorite live events on networks such as ESPN, ESPN2, NFL Network, NHL Network, and many more! Plus, you can get all the latest up-to-date news and coverage from the best sports networks!

  • Live Sporting Events!
  • The Best Sports Networks!

Spectrum Triple Play

Spectrum is one of the best providers of home internet, TV, and phone service, and you can save big when you bundle them all together. Spectrum’s Triple Play combines all 3 services in one low bill. Connect your entire home with the best entertainment and connectivity you can, with Spectrum’s Triple Play.

  • Home Phone, TV, and Internet!
  • One Low Bill!

Spectrum Double Play

Looking for reliable and quick home internet and a robust TV service, for an affordable price? Spectrum has you covered, with their Double Play package! For only $44.99/month, you get fast home internet with no data caps, and Spectrum TV service you can watch in and out of your home with the Spectrum TV app! If you act fast, Spectrum is offering up to $500 to buy out your current contract

  • Only $44.99/Month!
  • Up To $500 Buyout Credit!

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Features of Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV has a number of awesome features that truly sets it apart from its competitors. You can easily watch your favorite live shows anywhere you go, with the Spectrum TV mobile app! With the app, you can set your DVR recording schedule on-the-go wherever you are. With Spectrum DVR, you can record a minimum of 80 hours of content easily and conveniently.

  • Easy To Use DVR!
  • Watch TV Anywhere With Spectrum TV App!

Bundle and Save

Enjoy 30+ channels starting at only $35/month completely commitment free! There are no contracts, no long-term commitments, no hidden fees, and no credit checks to watch Sling TV. You can easily cancel or start and stop service at any time online.

  • No Contracts Or Long Term Commitments.
  • Easy Online Cancellation.

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Spectrum TV App

The Spectrum TV App makes it incredibly easy to watch all your favorite live and recorded shows on many devices, including your mobile device! The app is free to download and is available on iPads, iPhones, Android Devices, Rokus, Samsung Smart TV’s, and much more!

  • Available On Most Devices!
  • Watch Live And Recorded Shows!

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