Charter Spectrum Internet Review

Spectrum Internet Review Overview

Spectrum is one of the biggest ISPs in the US, with the most coverage being in California, Texas, New York, Ohio, and North Carolina. Spectrum currently offers high speed internet plans to over 102.5 million US citizens, placing it at the second largest internet provider, right behind Comcast XFINITY.

Spectrum high speed internet plans start with speeds starting at a 300 Mbps and go all the way to speeds as fast as 1 Gbps. With superior internet speeds, great promotional pricing and no data caps; it’s no wonder why Spectrum is one of the more popular providers.


  • No Data Caps
  • No contracts
  • Good Speeds


  • Low Upload Speeds
  • Limited Selection of Plans
  • Price, Internet Plans, & Speed Vary by Location

Packages & Pricing

Internet Package Promo Price Regular Price Download Speeds Plan Details
Spectrum Standard Internet $49.99/Mo For 12 Mos* $64.99/Mo.* Starting At 200 Mbps View Plan
Spectrum Ultra Internet $69.99/Mo For 12 Mos* $89.99/Mo.* Up To 500 Mbps View Plan
Spectrum Gig Internet $109.99/Mo For 12 Mos* $104.99/Mo.* Up To 1000 MbpsΔ View Plan

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Spectrum Internet Plan Features

Spectrum has a rather unique approach towards their internet plans compared to other internet providers. They only have a few select options for each area they serve. Although their Spectrum Standard Internet plan with speeds starting at 300 Mbps for $49.99 per month is universal for all areas in which Spectrum serves, the other two internet plans are simply speed upgrades on top of the Spectrum Standard Plan which is not available everywhere.

For example, for an extra $20 a month you can upgrade to their Spectrum Ultra Internet plan which quadruples your internet speeds. The Spectrum Standard Internet and Spectrum Ultra Internet plans are the most common, while Spectrum Gig Internet is still being rolled out. Spectrum Gig Internet is mostly available to businesses right now, but may expand to residential homes in the future.

Does Spectrum Internet Have Data Caps?

There are no data caps with Spectrum Internet, making Spectrum a great option for those who like to game online, stream and download a lot as well as households with multiple devices active simultaneously. Spectrum does disclose that there might be some congestion at peak hours, where at these times they will use ‘various tools and techniques’ to manage the network and ensure everyone has similar network quality. What this means in practice is that you might lower the speeds during peak hours to ensure everyone has enough bandwidth to go online. This is very common no matter which internet provider you ultimately choose.

Spectrum Internet Contract Options

Spectrum doesn’t have contracts! You can switch any time you want if you’re not happy with the service. They do have promo pricing locks that last 12 months so when the promotional period is over, the prices will return to regular rates and unfortunately you can’t simply ‘leave’ and come back in order to take advantage of the promotional rates. They are reserved for new customers only. Current Spectrum customers should speak with Spectrum by phone to see which promotions are available for current customers. Spectrum usually places their current customers into the current promotion when their promotion ends, but it’s always best to call to be sure.

Potential Spectrum Internet Service Fees

There are potential fees that customers should be aware, but many can be easily avoided. Look out for the following potential fees:

  • Standard and Ultra plans installation fee is a one-time charge of $49.99.
  • The Gig plan installation fee is $199.99, but there’s a $150 discount on online orders so it will also be $49.99.
  • Wi-Fi activation fee is $9.99 for setting up Wi-Fi.
  • Wi-Fi router lease is $4.99 per month.
  • Self-installation is $9.99 but waived on online orders.
  • Service transfer fee is a one-time charge of $49.99.
  • A Reconnection fee is charged if your services are turned off, for example if you miss payments, and you want to turn them on again. The cost is $4.99.
  • The unreturned equipment fee costs $59 for phone modems and gateways and $61 for Wi-Fi modems, routers, and extenders.

Today’s Spectrum Internet Deals

If you choose to become a Spectrum customer, you’ll get your plan at a promotional rate that’s price locked for 12 months, and you’ll enjoy high speeds without data caps. Every plan also comes with antivirus software and a FREE modem included without the monthly lease fee for it unlike many other internet providers. In addition to this, Spectrum customers can also use Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots in all areas where Spectrum offers their services.

As an incentive to switch to Spectrum, Spectrum also currently offers a $500 buyout for those who are currently stuck in a contract with another provider to help them make the switch. To take advantage of Spectrum’s Contract Buyout you’ll need to choose a qualifying package, fill out the form and provide documentation of your last bill with the early termination fees listed. This offer is only available on a one-time basis.

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Spectrum Internet Technology

Spectrum Internet offers their broadband internet services via cable and fiber, with emphasis on cable delivering their services via the same infrastructure that’s used for cable TV: the coaxial cable. Note that fiber is currently very limited and is still in the process of being rolled out without any estimation times of completion. To find out which internet plans and if fiber is available in your neighborhood, please call 1-833-830-4320

Spectrum Installation Information

Spectrum offers professional and self-installation services. For professional installation, customers will have to schedule an appointment that usually lasts between one and three hours. You’ll be contacted a day before the appointment to confirm your time slot and the day of to let you know when they are on the way.

Self-installation on the other hand is fairly easy as you receive a self-installation kit with detailed instructions on how to install, as well as the online support section of their website if you get stuck. Households that have had Spectrum services in the past are eligible for self-installation. When you sign up for Spectrum service, they can let you know if services have previously at your address before. You can also look for any coaxial cables coming out of your walls at home.

Spectrum Modem & Router Information

Every plan comes with a free modem, but if you want a Wi-Fi router, you can lease one for $5 per month. You can also use your own modem, but you’ll also have to use your own Wi-Fi router as the router lease is only available for those with Spectrum-provided modems.

Using your own equipment is perfectly fine but you’ll need to make sure it’s compatible so you need to have a DOCSIS 3.0 or DOCSIS 3.1 modem that’s approved by Spectrum. This is to ensure it supports the speed of the plan you choose. It has to be a cable modem. A DSL modem no matter what the make and model is not compatible with Spectrum internet services. To check your equipment, you can find the list of authorized modems here. To find Wi-Fi routers for your new Spectrum internet service, you can use this list here.

Spectrum Internet Customer Satisfaction

Spectrum has well-rounded customer service where you can easily choose your preferred contact method. They are also one of the few ISPs that also have a chatbot available on their website 24/7 to take care of frequently asked questions so less people get stuck waiting on hold to talk to a support or sales representative.

According to FCC’s Measuring Broadband America report, Spectrum is among those ISP providers that provides their customers with 95% speed consistency when it comes to advertised speed. The only two other providers who achieved such good ratings are Optimum and Comcast which is encouraging.

In select areas Spectrum also has Spectrum stores. Their stores are mostly for their wireless customers but inside their retail stores you can pay your bill, switch out equipment and sign up for additional services.

Spectrum Coverage & Availability

Spectrum is the second largest ISP available in the United States currently serving over nine thousand zip codes, in 44 states, and all their services are available to over 402 million people across 167 million households. The most covered states include Ohio, New York, Florida, North Carolina, and Kentucky.

For information on if Spectrum is available where you live, please enter your zip code below or call 1-833-830-4320 today!

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Internet Near Me Recommendation

If Spectrum internet is available in your area, it’s one of the best internet options available. The combination of reliable speeds, a free modem, no data caps, no contracts and 12 month price locks make it a good pick for anyone. Their plan structures are well-crafted for any type of user – from light browsing to heavy streaming and gaming. Plus it’s easy to upgrade or downgrade services anytime with the ‘bolt-on’ system if your circumstances change.

Feeling trapped or stuck by your current provider? Spectrum service is not bound by any contracts. If you’re not happy you don’t have to worry about early termination fees. For a limited time only Spectrum will buy out your current contract up to $500 when you order a qualifying Spectrum bundle.

If you would like to switch to Spectrum, please call 1-833-830-4320 today! Impartial internet specialists are waiting to take your call and help you order internet that is right for your family.

Internet Near Me Rating

Our Internet Near Me ratings are formed from a combination of the following factors: On-site customer feedback, government data on ISP speed and reliability, insights from industry leaders, publication ratings and user testing.

Speed – 7

Value – 7

Reliability – 8

Availability – 8

Customer Service – 7

Overall Rating – 7

Editor’s Notes

Spectrum is the result of a big merger that happened back in 2016, between Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. Customers from those two providers were switched to Spectrum, but were able to keep their previous plans and agreements. Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks are all the same company under Spectrum

Note: new customers or existing customers that want to switch to a new deal are only able to choose the Spectrum plans now.

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