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50 Mbps connection

No Data Caps Or Limits!

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100 Mbps connection

No Data Caps Or Limits!

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1 Gbps connection

No Data Caps Or Limits!

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Sonic Internet

Get better, faster internet with Sonic! Internet plans start at only $40 a month! Whether your family loves to stream, game or simply browse and do homework; Sonic internet is both fast and reliable. There’s no need to break the bank every month to have quality internet service. Call 1-833-693-4209 to subscribe to Sonic internet today!

  • Super-Fast & Reliable Internet.
  • Internet Plans Start At $40/Mo!

Today’s Sonic Internet Deals

Today’s Sonic internet deals include no data caps or limits on internet usage, no speed throttling, free installation, 15 email accounts with 1 Gb of storage, personal web hosting with a new domain and more! Today’s deals are for a limited time only – call us today to switch to Sonic internet!

  • No Data Caps Or Limits On Internet Usage!
  • Free Installation!

Best Wi-Fi Routers For Sonic In 2023

When is the last time you’ve upgraded your wireless router? With Sonic internet, you can purchase your own router if you want. Even if your router is only a few years old, there can be better options for your household. Wireless routers today have more advanced technology and features to make your internet service better and easier for your family to manage. View our top router picks for 2023 that are compatible with Sonic internet here.

View Sonic Routers

Best Modems For Sonic In 2023

Tired of paying a lease fee every month? Purchase your own modem! See our top modem picks for 2023 that are compatible with Sonic internet here.

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Sonic Internet FAQs

All your questions about Sonic internet service are answered! See all of our frequently asked questions regarding Sonic internet plans here.

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Sonic Internet Review

Is Sonic internet right for your family? Get all the details on Sonic internet service including internet speeds, coverage, availability and technology. Read our full, in-depth review of Sonic internet here.

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Switch To Sonic Internet Today

Switching to Sonic is easy! Simply call 1-833-693-4209 to get started today! Our internet specialists are here and ready to take your call. With Sonic internet, you can try it for 30 days without an early termination fee. While we help your family make the switch to Sonic internet – ask us about today’s internet and TV deals!

  • We Make Switching To Sonic Easy!
  • Call 1-833-693-4209 To Switch To Sonic Today!

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Sonic Internet Plans

Sonic internet plans have internet speeds up to 1000 Mbps! Whether you and your family is into binge streaming TV, hardcore gaming, web surfing or updating social media statuses; Sonic has an internet plan that fits your family’s needs. Choose from three internet plans with speeds ranging from 50 Mbps to 1000 Mbps. Plus with Sonic internet, Sonic respects net neutrality and your privacy. User data is deleted every two weeks and Sonic never voluntarily sells or shares subscribers’ information.

  • Three Internet Plans To Choose From.
  • Internet Speeds Range From 50 To 1000 Mbps!

Internet Speeds Up To 1 Gigabit With Sonic

Get the fastest and most reliable internet connection that Sonic has to offer with Sonic Gigabit Fiber! With internet speeds up to 1 Gbps, connect as many devices as your family wants without slowing down your WiFi or worrying about data caps. Your family can browse, game and stream as much as they would like with Sonic Gigabit Fiber! Call 1-833-693-4209 to see if Sonic Gigabit Fiber is available in your neighborhood today!!

  • Internet Speeds Up To 1 Gbps!
  • No Data Caps!

Sonic Internet Availability

Sonic internet service is available in select parts of the state of California. Sonic has both DSL and fiber internet available depending on where you live. It does not appear that Sonic will be expanding their service area anytime soon as Sonic is very committed to delivering the best internet to their current communities they serve. Call 1-833-693-4209 today to see if Sonic is available at your address!

  • Sonic Internet Is Only Available In California.
  • Call For Specific Address Availability Today!

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