Sling TV

Sling TV Streaming Service

Get the best of streaming live TV for only $35 a month! No useless channels, long-term contracts or hidden fees. Easy online cancellation.


44+ channels

Only $35 A Month!

No Contracts!

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A&E CNN Freeform
ACC Network Extra Comedy Central Fuse Stadium
AXS TV Disney Channel History Channel TNT
BBC America EPIX Drive-In IFC Travel Channel
Bloomberg Television ESPN Investigation Discovery Viceland
Cartoon Network ESPN 2 Lifetime
Cheddar Business ESPN 3 Local Now
Cheddar News Food Network MotorTrend
A&E Food Network
ACC Network Extra Freeform
AMC Fuse
BBC America History Channel
Bloomberg Television IFC
Cartoon Network Investigation Discovery
Cheddar Business Lifetime
Cheddar News Local Now
CNN MotorTrend
Comedy Central
Comet Stadium
Disney Channel TBS
ESPN Travel Channel
ESPN 2 Viceland


31+ channels

Only $35 A Month!

No Contacts!

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A&E Comet HGTV
AMC Discovery Channel History Channel Nick Jr.
AXS TV E! IFC Paramount Network
BBC America EPIX Drive-In Investigation Discovery Stadium
BET Food Network Lifetime STFY
Bloomberg Television FOX Local Now TBS
Bravo FOX ESNs Nat Geo Wild TLC
Cartoon Network FOX Sports 1 National Geographic TNT
Cheddar Business FOX Sports 2 NBC Travel Channel
Cheddar News Fuse NBC RSNs truTV
CNN FX NBC Sports Network USA
Comedy Central FXX Viceland
AMC History Channel
BBC America Investigation Discovery
BET Lifetime
Bloomberg Television Local Now
Bravo Nat Geo Wild
Cartoon Network National Geographic
Cheddar Business NBC
Cheddar News NBC RSNs
CNN NBC Sports Network
Comedy Central
Discovery Channel Nick Jr.
E! Paramount Network
EPIX Drive-In Stadium
Food Network STFY
FOX Sports 1 TNT
FOX Sports 2 Travel Channel
Fuse ESPN 3
FXX Viceland


47+ channels

Only $45 A Month!

No Contacts!

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A&E Discovery Channel FX
ACC Network Extra Disney Channel FXX
AMC E! HGTV Nick Jr.
AXS TV EPIX Drive-In History Channel Paramount Network
BBC America ESPN IFC Stadium
BET ESPN 2 Investigation Discovery SYFY
Bloomberg Television ESPN 3 Lifetime TBS
Bravo Food Network Local Now TLC
Cartoon Network FOX MotorTrend TNT
Cheddar Business Fox RSNs Nat Geo Wild Travel Channel
CNN Fox Sports 2 NBC USA
Comedy Central Freeform NBC RSNs Viceland
Comet Fuse NBC Sports Network
ACC Network Extra FXX
AXS TV History Channel
BBC America IFC
BET Investigation Discovery
Bloomberg Television Lifetime
Bravo Local Now
Cartoon Network MotorTrend
Cheddar Business Nat Geo Wild
Cheddar News National Geographic
Comedy Central NBC RSNs
Comet NBC Sports Network
Discovery Channel
Disney Channel
E! Nick Jr.
EPIX Drive-In Paramount Network
ESPN Stadium
Food Network TLC
FOX RSNs Travel Channel
Fox Sports 1 truTV
Fox Sports 2 USA
Freeform Viceland

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Sling TV

Sling TV is the live TV you love, only better! It’s a live TV streaming service that lets you stream your favorite channels from truly anywhere without a hefty cable bill and without a contract. Customize your channel lineup and save money by only paying for the channels you actually want to watch. Stream more than 30 channels including ESPN, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, HGTV and more starting at only $35/month!

  • Stream Live TV On 100+ Channels.
  • Service Starting At Only $35/Month!

Sling TV Plans

Stream 44+ channels for only $20 for your first month! Sling TV plans are flexible. Only pay for the channels you want and skip the rest! Add even more channels your family wants a la carte for as little as $5 more a month! Plus record what you want with Sling TV’s cloud DVR for only $5 a month! There are no useless channels, long-term contracts or hidden fees with easy online cancellation. Stop paying too much for TV and save big with Sling today!

  • Only $35 A Month!
  • A La Carte Channels For As Little As $5 A Month!

Get The Best Of Live TV For $35 A Month!

Get the best of streaming live TV for only $20 your first month! Sling TV plans starting at only $35 a month. There are no useless channels, long-term contracts or hidden fees. Add the channels you and your family actually watch! Easy online cancellation.

Get The Best Of Live TV!

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Get a free Roku Express when you prepay for 2 months of Sling TV!

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Get free local channels with a TCA HDTV indoor antenna when you prepay for 3 months of Sling TV!

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Get a RCA HDTV Indoor Antenna and AirTV Player Bundle when you prepay for 2 months of Sling TV!

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Try Sling TV Today!

Try Sling TV today and your first month of service for only $20! For a limited time only, new customers can choose between 3 great Sling TV offers when you subscribe and prepay for three months of Sling TV! Choose between the free Amazon Fire TV Stick offer, or the Google Nest Hub offer. Offers are for a limited time only, so try Sling TV today!

  • Get Your First Month Service For Only $20!
  • Choose Between 3 Great Sling TV Offers!

Try Sling TV!

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Sling Orange – $35/Month

The Sling Orange channel package has a different selection of channels that Sling Blue with 44+ channels! For only $35 a month, enjoy ESPN 1-3, Lifetime, Disney Channel, Freeform and more!

  • Only $20 For The First Month!
  • ESPN 1-3, Lifetime, Disney Channel & More!

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Sling Blue – $35/Month

The Sling Blue channel package has a slightly different selection of channels than Sling Orange with 31+ channels! For only $35 a month, enjoy Fox Sports 1 and 2, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, BET, HGTV and more!

  • Only $20 For The First Month!
  • Fox Sports 1 and 2, Comedy Central, BET & More!

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Sling Orange & Blue – $45/Month

The Sling Orange & Blue channel package has all the Sling Orange and the Sling Blue channels together all in one package! For only $45 a month, enjoy 47+ channels including Fox Sports, ESPN, Comedy Central, and more!

  • Only $45 A Month!
  • ESPN, Fox Sports, Comedy Central & More!

Subscribe To Sling Orange & Blue!

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Customize With A La Carte Channels

Explore all of Sling TV’s a la carte channel options to watch more of what you want! Choose from 15+ channels with single channels as little as $5 extra per month. Enjoy channels like Showtime, Starz, Hallmark Movies Now and more for less! Get your first month for only $20 and customize your channel lineup that’s perfect just for you today!

  • A La Carte Channels For As Little As $5/Month!
  • Showtime, Starz, Hallmark Movies Now & More!

Record & Watch Live TV Anytime With The Cloud DVR – $5/Month

With the Cloud DVR you can record and watch live TV anytime from all of your web enabled devices! You can also record multiple shows at once and fast forward through commercials. Your recordings won’t expire or delete before you’re ready to watch them; they are yours as long as you are a customer.

  • Watch & Record Live TV From Anywhere!
  • Record Multiple Channels At The Same Time!

Watch More Sports With Sports Extra – $11/Month

Enjoy more sports coverage from more channels with Sling TV Sports Extra! Watch football and baseball on channels like ESPNU, ESPNEWS, SEC Network, MLB Network, and more! Plus enjoy in-depth soccer coverage from LaLiga, Copa Sudamerica, FIFA World Cup and more on beIN Sports!

  • 15 Additional Sports Channels For Only $10/Month!
  • MLB Network, MLB Strike Zone, NBA TV, ESPN SEC Network, ESPN SEC Network Plus, PAC 12 Network, ESPNU, ESPNNews, NHL Network, beIN Sports, Stadium Plus 1, Outside TV & Tennis Channel.

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Features Of Sling TV

With Sling TV you can truly watch TV anywhere you are! It’s even better than cable – you can record multiple shows at once and fast forward through commercials with the Sling TV Cloud DVR! Your recordings stay for as long as you are a customer. Plus, some channels also have on-demand content that you can watch at no extra cost to you! All you need to do is download the Sling TV app on your favorite devices and sign in to start watching.

  • Watch Live, Recorded & On-Demand TV From Where You Are!
  • Record & Fast Forward Through Commercials.

No Contract TV

Enjoy 30+ channels starting at only $35/month completely commitment free! There are no contracts, no long-term commitments, no hidden fees, and no credit checks to watch Sling TV. You can easily cancel or start and stop service at any time online.

  • No Contracts Or Long Term Commitments.
  • Easy Online Cancellation.

Get Sling TV Today!

Sling TV Supported Devices

Watch Sling TV just like regular TV or take it on-the-go variety of devices! You do not need a satellite dish to enjoy Sling TV! Supported devices include your TV, video players, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, laptops and desktop computers. Wherever you can access the internet is where you can watch Sling TV.

  • TVs & Players: Apple TV, Roku, Amazon fireTV, Chromecast, Android TV, AirTV, Xiaomi Mi, select LG TVs, select Samsung TVs, Oculus Go, & Oculus Quest 3.54+.w
  • IOS, Android, Amazon Fire Tablets, Chromebooks, Windows 10 & XBOX ONE.

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