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Rocket Fiber High Speed Internet

Rocket Fiber is fast, friendly and here for your family. Get internet seeds that are up to 1,000x faster than the average residential internet connection in the U.S. today with Rocket Fiber internet.


1 Gbps connection

Unlimited Internet! No Data Caps!

No Contract Internet!

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Rocket Fiber Internet

Ditch your painfully slow internet and trade it in for lightning quick internet from Rocket Fiber! Enjoy super-fast browsing, lightning-quick access to your cloud, crystal clear video, lag-free gaming and more! Rocket Fiber internet is the fastest, most reliable internet in the Detroit Michigan area! Rocket Fiber customers experience internet speeds up to 1,000 times faster than the average residential internet connection in the U.S!

  • Internet Speeds Up To 1 Gbps!
  • 1,000x Faster Than The Average Residential Internet Connection In The U.S!

Today’s Rocket Fiber Deals

Rocket Fiber internet is $70 a month with speeds up to 1 Gbps! (That’s a 1,000 Mbps!) Plus, Rocket Fiber internet subscribers enjoy no data caps, no contracts or commitments, no installation or activation fees, 24/7 support, a FREE Wi-Fi gigabit router included and more! Today’s deals are for a limited time only and can change at any time. To take advantage of today’s Rocket Fiber internet deals – call us today!

  • No Data Caps, Contracts Or Extra Fees!
  • FREE Wi-Fi Gigabit Router Included!

Wi-Fi Gigabit Router Included With Rocket Fiber Internet

All Rocket Fiber internet customers get a Wi-Fi gigabit router included! There is no cost or fees to use a Rocket Fiber router. Rocket Fiber wants you to have the very best internet connection available to you, so enjoy your included new Wi-Fi gigabit router!

Rocket Fiber Deals & Promotions

Thinking about switching to Rocket Fiber internet? When you switch to Rocket Fiber as a new customer, you get special deals! All of these deals are for a limited time only so act fast and switch today! Checkout Rocket Fiber’s deals here.

Rocket Fiber Internet FAQs

All your questions about Rocket Fiber internet service have been answered! See all of our frequently asked questions regarding Rocket Fiber internet service here.

Rocket Fiber Internet Review

Is Rocket Fiber right for you? Get all the details on Rocket Fiber internet including internet speeds, coverage, availability, technology and more. Read our full in-depth review of Rocket Fiber internet here.

Switch To Rocket Fiber Internet Today

Switching to Rocket Fiber internet is easy! Simply call us at 1-833-693-4209 to get started today! Our internet specialists are here and ready to help your family to make the switch to better internet with Rocket Fiber. While you’re on the line with us, ask us about today’s internet and TV deals!

  • We Make Switching Internet Providers Easy!
  • Call 1-833-693-4209 To Switch To Rocket Fiber Today!

Call 1-833-693-4209  | Find Packages In Your Area

Rocket Fiber Internet Plans

Rocket Fiber is committed to proving the best internet experience possible, that’s why there’s only one internet plan! Rocket Fiber internet is as fast as 1 Gbps for $70 a month! Whether your family has a hardcore gamer, movie buff or simply needs to get homework done – with Rocket Fiber internet, everyone will be happy.

  • Internet As Fast As 1 Gbps For $70/Mo!*
  • A Fiber Optic Internet Connection.

Internet Speeds Up To 1000 Mbps With Rocket Fiber

Experience seriously fast fiber optic internet with Rocket Fiber! Unlike other internet providers, Rocket Fiber brings fiber optic cables directly to your building for full 100% fiber optic internet. Rocket Fiber only has one internet plan with speeds up to 1 gigabit! These speeds are fast enough to download an entire music album in less than one second, game online lag-free, video chat seamlessly, stream without interruptions and more!

  • Internet Speeds Up To 1000 Mbps!
  • 100% Fiber Optic Internet.

Rocket Fiber Availability & Coverage Map

Rocket Fiber is available in the Detroit Michigan and throughout the Central Business District, Midtown, Brush Park, Woodbridge and New Center areas. Rocket Fiber is working hard to bring internet to as many as possible with more areas coming soon! To check to see if your area is coming soon or already has Rocket Fiber internet, call 1-833-693-4209 today!

  • Available In Detroit Michigan & Surrounding Areas.
  • Call 1-833-693-4209 For Specific Address Availability.

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