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$40.00/mo for 24 months.

300 Mbps connection

No Data Caps!

12 Month Price Lock.

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$60.00/mo for 24 months.

500 Mbps connection

No Data Caps!

12 Month Price Lock.

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$80.00/mo for 24 months.

940 Mbps connection

No Data Caps!

Price For Life

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Optimum Internet

Experience fast reliable internet with unlimited data from Optimum! From surfing the web, to streaming your favorite movies to uploading photos, Optimum has you and your family covered. Netflix continually ranks Optimum internet as one of their top internet speeds providers year over year, plus Optimum is YouTube HD verified! Get the speeds you need with the reliability you expect with Optimum internet service today!

  • One Of Netflix’s Top Internet Providers!
  • Unlimited Data!

Today’s Optimum Internet Deals

Today’s Optimum internet deals include no data caps, 12 month price lock, free internet protection by McAfee up to 20 devices, free Optimum support app, free access to over 2 million hotspots, various smart home discount offers and more! Today’s deals are for a limited time only – call us today!

  • No Data Caps!
  • Free Internet Protection By McAfee Up To 20 Devices.

Best Wi-Fi Routers For Optimum In 2023

When is the last time you’ve upgraded your wireless router? With Optimum internet, you can purchase your own router if you want. Even if your router is only a few years old, there can be better options for your household. Wireless routers today have more advanced technology and features to make your internet service better and easier for your family to manage. View our top router picks for 2023 that are compatible with Optimum internet here.

View Optimum Routers

Best Modems For Optimum In 2023

Tired of paying a $10 lease fee every month? Purchase your own modem! See our top modem picks for 2023 that are compatible with Optimum internet here.

Coming Soon!

Optimum Internet FAQs

All your questions about Optimum internet service are answered! See all of our frequently asked questions regarding Optimum internet plans here.

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Optimum Internet Review

Is Optimum internet right for your family? Get all the details on Optimum internet service including internet speeds, coverage, availability and technology. Read our full, in-depth review of Optimum internet here.

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Switch To Optimum Internet Today

Switching to Optimum internet is easy! Simply call 1-833-693-4209 to get started today! Our internet specialists are here and ready to help your family make the switch to Optimum internet. Ask us about today’s internet and TV deals.

  • We Make Switching To Optimum Easy!
  • Call 1-833-693-4209 To Switch To Optimum Today!

Call 1-833-693-4209  | Find Packages In Your Area

Optimum Internet Plans

Optimum internet plans now have speeds up to 1 gig! Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, movie buff, social media enthusiast, work from home or simply have kids that need to have homework done online – Optimum has an internet plan for you and your family. Choose from 9 different internet plans with speeds from 10 Mbps all the way up to 1000 Mbps. With Optimum, internet only plans are available! There is no obligation to subscribe to phone or TV service if you do not want to. Call 1-833-693-4209 to see what internet service plans are available at your address today!

  • Nine Internet Service Plans To Choose From.
  • Internet Only Plans Are Available!

Internet Speeds Up To 1 Gigabit With Optimum Altice Fiber

Experience Optimum Altice Fiber’s new state-of-the-art next generation fiber network with internet speeds up to 1 gig! With Optimum Altice Fiber, you won’t be frustrated by outdated equipment, old technology or exorbitant fees. There’s a variety of plans with intelligent Wifi that are perfect for every budget and lifestyle. Call 1-833-693-4209 to see if Optimum Altice Fiber is available in your neighborhood today!

  • Internet Speeds Up To 1 Gigabit! (1000 Mbps!)
  • Built To Handle The Heaviest Network Usage.

Optimum Internet Availability

Optimum By Altice internet service is available in select parts of Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania with the most concentrated availability within the Tri-State area. Optimum By Altice does have both cable and fiber internet available in select areas. Call 1-833-693-4209 today to see is Optimium By Altice is available at your address!

  • Optimum By Altice Is Available In 4 States.
  • Call For Specific Optimum Availability Today!

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