MetroNet FAQ

About Metronet

Metronet is an internet service provider that provides 100% fiber optic internet across 7 states, including Indiana, Illinois, and Florida. They also offer plenty of bundling options with phone and WholeHome WiFi options.

Headquartered in Evansville, Illinois, Metronet is owned by CMN-RUS Inc, doing business as Metronet.

Metronet Stream is an application for smart TV platforms that allows you to stream live sports, local news, primetime shows, and more without the hassle of cords and antennas or the expense of additional equipment.

Metronet Internet Plans

Metronet plans start $49.95/mo* for a 200 Mb fiber optic plan. For only $59.95/mo* you can sign up for Metronet’s 1 gig plan for a limited time only. Plus, you can save big when you bundle your internet and phone plans through Metronet.

None of Metronet’s internet services have a data cap, so users never have to worry about hitting an arbitrary limit, having their connection throttled, or being hit with extra fees.

If you opt for Metronet’s professional installation, they will provide you with an approved router device to connect your whole home! They also give customers the option to use their own personal device if they want!

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The Technology Service Fee is a mandatory fee that covers service calls, broken set-top boxes, routers, or other Metronet equipment. This fee ensures you’ll never be charged for technician visits, wiring issues, or other technical problems!

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Metronet Technology

Metronet provides internet service across 7 states in the United States, with coverage in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio. Metronet is constantly expanding its network, so if they don’t currently service your area they might soon! Call 1-844-835-4877 to find out if Metronet is available to you!.

Metronet is currently available in 7 different states, with the most coverage in Indiana, Illinois, and Florida! Metronet’s network is constantly expanding so if it isn’t currently available, it will be soon! Call 1-844-835-4877 to find out if Metronet is available to you!

No. All of Metronet’s internet plans are wired fiber optic plans, which provides an incredibly fast connection. Each customer receives a dedicated connection, so you don’t have to share bandwidth with your neighbors or experience slowdowns at peak times, which is common on cable internet plans.

Metronet offers a variety of options for routers! If you opt for professional installation, they will provide you with an approved router, complete with technical support and frequent updates. Metronet also allows customers to use their own router device if they want!

Thanks to a 100% fiber optic network, Metronet is able to provide customers with speeds up to 1 gig. This is perfect for homes or businesses looking to connect multiple devices, stream video, video conference, online game, and more!

Netflix is easily accessible through your TV, phone, or computer on Metronet. Plus, with Metronet’s incredibly fast connection, you won’t have to experience lag or buffering any longer!

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