Mediacom Internet

Mediacom High Speed Internet

Upgrade to faster speeds and high capacity bandwidth internet with Mediacom internet.


24.99/mo for 1 year. Includes 1 eero WiFi extender.

100 Mbps connection

10 Mbps Upload Speeds

350 GB Data Allowance

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44.99/mo for 1 year. Includes 1 eero WiFi extender.

300 Mbps connection

20 Mbps Upload Speeds

1500 GB Data Allowance

Call 1-833-830-4313


54.99/mo for 1 year. Includes 1 eero WiFi extender.

1000 Mbps connection

Cable Internet Connection

With Powerful In-Home WiFi

Call 1-833-830-4313

Plus installation, activation, modem rental, taxes & fees. Price includes $10/mo. discount for autopay & paperless billing.

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Mediacom Internet

Feel empowered by fast speeds and high capacity bandwidth internet with Mediacom internet service! With speeds up to 1 Gbps, these speeds are perfect for everyone in your home to be online doing what they love all at the same time. Whether you have a social media aficionado, movie buff or a dedicated gamer in the house, all can rejoice at these amazingly fast speeds.

  • Download Speeds Are 10x To 100x Faster Than Standard DSL
  • No Contract Internet Service

Today’s Mediacom Internet Deals

Switching to Mediacom internet service has never been easier! Mediacom internet subscribers enjoy no contracts, free internet security, free unlimited use of Xtream Wi-Fi hotspots, email accounts and 24/7 customer service. All Mediacom internet plans are fast, reliable and without a contract. Call 1-833-830-4313 to switch to Mediacom internet today!

  • Fast & Reliable Internet.
  • Free Unlimited Use Of Xtream Wi-Fi Hotspots Around Town.

Best Wi-Fi Routers For Mediacom In 2023

When is the last time you’ve upgraded your router? Even if your router is a part of a modem router combination from Mediacom – you can still upgrade to a separate router. In fact, getting a new router can yield faster speeds from your internet connections and have more features that your family needs. View our top router picks for 2023 that are compatible with Mediacom internet service here.

View Mediacom Wi-Fi Routers

Best Modems For Mediacom In 2023

Tired of paying a lease fee every month for an outdated Mediacom modem? Start shopping for a faster more updated modem today. See our top modem picks for 2023 that are compatible with Mediacom internet here.

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Mediacom Internet FAQs

All your questions about Mediacom internet service are answered! See all our frequently asked questions regarding Mediacom internet here.

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Mediacom Internet Review

Is Mediacom internet right for you and your family? Get all the details on Mediacom internet from speeds, coverage, availability and technology. Read our full, in-depth review of Mediacom internet here.

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Choose Your Mediacom Internet Plan

Find and choose the plan that’s right for your family and start enjoying blazing fast internet today! With Mediacom internet service you can choose an affordable internet plan with the speeds your family needs. There are three internet plans to choose from, with varying download speeds, upload speeds, and data caps. Switching to Mediacom internet is risk free. If you sign up and are unhappy with your new internet service for any reason, Mediacom has a 90 day money back guarantee.

  • Mediacom Internet Plans With Speeds Up To 1 Gbps!
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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Mediacom Internet Prices

Mediacom internet plan prices start as low as $24.99 a month with speeds up to 100 Mbps. That’s fast enough to surf the internet, check emails and shop online. If your family needs faster speeds or needs a plan that is budget friendly, you have options! There are three plans to choose from, with internet speeds from 100 Mbps all the way up to 1 Gbps! The pricing in the chart is for internet service only. To get the best price on Mediacom internet, bundle Mediacom internet and home phone service together.

  • Internet Prices Start As Low As $24.99/Mo!
  • Multiple Mediacom Internet Plans To Choose From.

Experience Faster Internet Speeds With Mediacom

Does your family crave faster speeds? With Mediacom internet, you’ll get more than enough speed to make everyone in the family happy! The Mediacom 1 Gig internet plan is faster, has more bandwidth, is more reliable and ready to accommodate your family’s needs. This plan is ready to handle everything from smart home devices, 4k streaming to online video gaming; all at the same time! Call 1-833-830-4313 to find out if Mediacom 1 Gig internet is available in your area today!

  • Mediacom Internet Speeds Up To 1 Gig!
  • Increased Internet Speeds & Bandwidth!

Stay Connected With Mediacom Xtream Wi-Fi 360

Make sure you’re getting the best Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home with Mediacom Xtream Wi-Fi! Whether your home has had issues with getting full Wi-Fi coverage throughout the house in the past or you are unsure of how to set up your own Wi-Fi network, Mediacom Xtream Wi-Fi 360 is a perfect solution to any home. It’s professionally installed and supported by Mediacom internet specialists to ensure maximum Wi-Fi coverage and strength throughout your home. Say goodbye to dead spots and weak coverage with Mediacom Xtream Wi-Fi 360 today!

  • No More Wi-Fi Dead Spots Or Weak Spots!
  • Professionally Installed & Supported By Mediacom.

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Protect Up To 5 Devices For Free With Internet Security

All Mediacom internet customers now get Total Defense Premium Internet Security Suite for free with your internet service subscription! Protect your family from online threats with simple easy to use controls including parental controls, privacy guard, download defender, scheduled scans and more! Total Defense Premium Internet Security is good for up to 5 personal devices including PCs, Macs, and Android mobile devices. Once you’re set up, you’ll have access to scheduled scans, parental control settings and tech support. To get started call 1-833-830-4313 to sign up for Mediacom internet today!

  • Protect Your Family From Online Threats.
  • Free With Mediacom Internet Subscription.

Free Unlimited Use Of 500+ Xtream Wi-Fi Hotspots Around Town

Save data on your wireless data plan and connect to free Wi-Fi! As a Mediacom internet subscriber, you get to enjoy free unlimited use of Mediacom’s Xtream Wi-Fi hotspots. Mediacom Xteam Wi-Fi hotspots are currently available in 8 cities including Columbia MO, Jefferson City MO, Davenport IN, Bettendorf IN, Rock Island IN, Moline, IN, East Moline, Savage MN, and Valdosta GA. Even if you do not subscribe to Mediacom internet yet, Xtream Wi-Fi hotspots are available for free for 30 minutes a month.

  • 500+ Xtream Wi-Fi Hotspots In 8 Cities.
  • Free Unlimited Use For Mediacom Internet Subscribers!

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