Frontier FiOS TV

Frontier FiOS TV

Say goodbye to cable and hello to 100% HD picture quality from Frontier FiOS TV. FiOS TV + FiOS internet starting at only $54.98 a month!

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35+ channels

35+ Channels!

Includes Local Programming & News

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100+ channels

100+ Channels!

Includes Basic Entertainment & Regional Sports

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500+ channels

500+ Channels!

Includes Premium & Specialty Channels

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FiOS TV From Frontier

Enjoy 400+ crystal clear channels and thousands of free programming on-demand with Frontier FiOS TV! With Frontier FiOS TV, your service is powered by a fiber optic network. Experience sharper images, brighter colors and stunning sound quality that’s better than ever before! Call 1-844-203-4897 to start watching TV with Frontier FiOS today!

  • Powered By A Fiber Optic Network!
  • Watch 400+ Channels!

Today’s Frontier FiOS Deals

Frontier FiOS deals include a one year rice guarantee on monthly service, access to 150,000+ titles on-demand, 400+ channels, free FrontierTV app, online bill pay and more! Call 1-844-203-4897 to switch to Frontier FiOS TV today!

  • Free Access To 150,000+ Titles On-Demand!
  • Call To Switch To FiOS TV Today!

Add A DVR To Your Frontier FiOS TV Plan

Enjoy TV like intended when adding a DVR to your Frontier FiOS Plan! Start, pause, rewind or record when you want to. You can even pause watching in one room and pick it up in another! Plus, you get more than 300 hours of HD storage and can record up to 12 hours of TV simultaneously.

150,000+ On-Demand Titles

Watch what you want, when you want with Frontier FiOS Video On-Demand. Choose from 150,000+ titles to watch when you want to!

Netflix Integration

Steam your favorite Netflix originals, TV shows and movies directly to your TV with your DVR when you have a Netflix subscription.

On-The-Go Entertainment

Watch your favorite movies and TV shows from anywhere you are with the FrontierTV app! Simply connect to the internet, download the app, login and start watching!

Bundle With FiOS TV + FiOS Internet

Bundling your FiOS TV and internet is easy, convenient and customizable. Just pick the FiOS TV package you want, then the FiOS internet package you want and you’re done! Frontier FiOS TV and internet packages start at only $54.98 a month! With internet speeds up to 500 Mbps and TV packages with up to 400+ channels; you have options to make your family and budget happy. Call 1-844-203-4897 to order TV and internet today!

  • FiOS TV & Internet Starting At $54.98/Mo!
  • Internet Speeds As Fast As 500 Mbps Where Available!

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