Cox Communications Internet

Cox High Speed Internet

Keep your family connected with speeds now up to 1000 Mbps with Cox internet.


$39.99/mo for 12 months

30 Mbps connection

10 Email Accounts Included

Cox Security Suite Included

Call 1-844-811-1924


$59.99/mo for 12 months

100 Mbps connection

10 Email Accounts Included

Cox Security Suite Included

Call 1-844-811-1924


$79.99/mo for 12 months

300 Mbps connection

10 Email Accounts Included

Cox Security Suite Included

Call 1-844-811-1924


1000 Mbps connection

10 Email Accounts Included

Cox Security Suite Included

Call 1-844-811-1924

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Cox Communications Internet

Keep your family connected with the best internet available in your area through Cox Communications! With speeds up to 1 Gbps, these speeds are perfect for streaming video, multi-player online gaming, smart home devices and uploading photos. Plus, enjoy useful perks like access to 500,000+ free Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide, access to 24/7 technical support, free Cox Security Suite protection, and 10 email accounts with 2 GB storage each.

  • Internet Speeds Up To 1 Gbps! (That’s 1,000 Mbps!)
  • Free Access To 500,000+ Wi-Fi Hotspots Nationwide.

Today’s Cox Internet Deals

Now is the time to switch to Cox internet! Cox Communications internet subscribers enjoy free access to 500,000+ Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide, 10 email accounts with at least 2GB, and Cox Security Suite Plus! All of Cox Communications internet plans are fast, contract and data cap free. Call 1-844-811-1924 today to switch to Cox Communications internet!

  • No Contract & No Data Cap Internet!
  • Free Access To 500,000+ Wi-Fi Hotspots Nationwide!

Best Wi-Fi Routers For Cox Communications In 2019

When is the last time you’ve upgraded your router? Even if your router is a part of a modem router combination from Cox Communications – you don’t have to use the router portion of your modem router combo if you don’t want to. In fact, getting a standalone router often delivers faster speeds and has more advanced features to help you make the most of your Wi-Fi. View our top router picks for 2019 that are compatible with Cox Communications internet here.

View Cox Communications Routers

Best Modems For Cox In 2019

Tired of paying a lease fee every month for an outdated Cox modem? See our top modem picks for 2019 that are compatible with Cox internet here.

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Cox Internet FAQs

All your questions about Cox internet service are answered! See all our frequently asked questions regarding Cox internet plans, pricing, speeds and availability here.

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Cox Internet Review

Is Cox Communications internet right for you? Get all the details on Cox internet service, including speeds, coverage, availability and technology. Read our full, in-depth review of everything you need to know about Cox Communications internet plans here.

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Cox Internet Plans & Prices

Cox internet plans start at only $29.99 per month with speeds up to 10 Mbps! There are six internet plans to choose from, each with fast speeds for the whole family. Whether speed or price is most important to you, Cox Communications has an internet plan for you. Call 1-844-811-1924 to switch to Cox Communications internet today!

  • Internet Only Service Is Available!
  • No Home Phone Required For Cox Internet.

Call 1-844-811-1924 | Find Packages In Your Area

Cox Communications Internet Only Plans

With Cox Communications, internet only plans are available! Since Cox internet is a cable internet service, you do not need home phone or TV service to subscribe to Cox internet. You can still enjoy Cox Communications internet with no obligation to any other service your family doesn’t want or need. Plus Cox internet is obligation free with no contracts! Call 1-844-811-1924 to switch to Cox Communications internet today!

  • Internet Only Plans Are Available!
  • No Home Phone Service Required For Cox Internet.

Experience Cox Gigablast Internet

Experience the fastest internet that Cox Communications has to offer with Cox Gigablast internet! With Gigablast internet speeds are up to 1 Gbps, that’s 1,000 Mbps! This means more streaming, more gaming and more surfing the internet for the whole family. There’s enough bandwidth for everyone in the family to enjoy doing what they love all at the same time without compromising your home Wi-Fi speeds for everyone else. 1 Gbps speed is fast enough to download 1 video game in 3 minutes, 1,000 phones in 16 seconds, and a HD movie in 2 minutes.

  • Internet Speeds Up To 1 Gbps With Cox Gigablast!
  • Faster Speeds & More Bandwidth To Go Around.

Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi

Finally achieve whole house Wi-Fi coverage for all your devices with Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi! Even when everyone at home is online at the same time, it won’t compromise the speed of your network. Panoramic Wi-Fi is designed to bring the max speeds and bandwidth of your Cox internet service to every part of your home without dead Wi-Fi zones. On your cox installation date, your tech will walk through the house to identify current dead zones and remediate them with wall to wall Wi-Fi coverage. Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi is perfect for households that have had trouble with whole home Wi-Fi coverage in the past and families that do not wish to set up their own Wi-Fi networks. Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi is available on all Cox Communications high speed internet plans when you add the Panoramic Wi-Fi Modem to your plan.

  • Wall To Wall Wi-Fi Coverage!
  • Get Max Speeds & Bandwidth From Your Wi-Fi Network!

Call 1-844-811-1924 | Find Packages In Your Area

Manage Your Wi-Fi With The Cox Connect App

Manage your Wi-Fi network easily with the Cox Connect app! You can change your Wi-Fi password, view signal strength of connected devices, reboot your modem, view your data usage, see if there’s any current outages, and find Wi-Fi hotspots near you. The Cox Connect app is available on iOS and Android.

  • Easy Manage Your Wi-Fi Network Through An App.
  • Available On iOS & Android.

Free Access To 500,000+ Wi-Fi Hotspots

Stay connected even when you’re away from home with free unlimited access to 500,000+ Wi-Fi hotspots from Cox Communications. It’s easy to connect with thousands of hotspots throughout the country even where Cox home internet service isn’t available. Use Cox’s WiFi Hotspot map to locate your nearest WiFi hotspot and save your mobile data for another time! All you need to do is find a hotspot and connect with your My Account login. After you connect for the first time, your mobile device will always remember it and automatically connect to Cox WiFi hotspots in the future. Cox WiFi Hotspots are located in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Unlimited access is free to Cox High Speed Internet Preferred, Internet Ultimate and Internet Gigablast customers.

  • 500,000+ Wi-Fi Hotspots Nationwide!
  • Even Where Cox Home Internet Isn’t Available!

Protect Your Family Online With Cox Security Suite Plus

When you subscribe to Cox Communications internet service, you also get Cox Security Suite Plus for free! It’s backed by trusted McAfee and available for download on Windows, Mac, Android and Apple mobile devices. From virus protection to remote locate and wipe device functions, Cox Security Suite Plus has your family protected. It is equipped with device appropriate protection to protect your family from the most frequent device specific problems.

  • Free Cox Security Suite With Your Cox Internet!
  • Device Appropriate Protection For The Whole Family.

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Cox Internet Customer Reviews

Amazing Customer Service People

4 5 1
Thank you! I called to inquire about my internet options and I was surprised to hear that I could order Cox Internet which I didn't know we had here with speeds higher than we have right now! Customer service fit me in to be installed this week. You guys rock!

Super Fast!

5 5 1
We had the 300 Mbps plan installed this past weekend and it is great! I can watch Netflix while my kids play their videogames with no problems at all!

Made The Switch Last Week

4 5 1
We have a busy house with three teenagers and DSL Internet wasn't really cutting it anymore. We've had Cox Communications Internet for about a week now and it has been very fast!

Thank You!

5 5 1
1000 Mbps is amazing! Thank you!

Pricier Than I would Like

3 5 1
I just moved across town and decided to keep Cox internet. I called customer service to make the switch and they hooked me up with the current promo even though they weren't supposed to. Thanks I guess but it's still pricey. I didn't know I'd have to call in periodically to get it.

It's Super Fast!

5 5 1
Our family is very happy with how fast Cox Internet has been.
cox Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 18 reviews.

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