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Blazing Hog High Speed Internet

Get 4G LTE Internet with Blazing Hog!


Average 27.8 Mbps connection

No Data Caps!

4G LTE Internet

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Call 1-833-788-8793 | Find Packages In Your Area

Blazing Hog Internet

Game, surf, stream and share with the speeds you need; now with Blazing Hog high speed 4G LTE internet! If satellite and DSL internet hasn’t worked for your family in the past due to speed or data constrictions, Blazing Hog may be the right solution for you. Trying out Blazing Hog is risk free. If you’re not happy with Blazing Hog internet, Blazing Hog will give you 100% of your money back.

  • Available Nationwide!
  • Only $99 A Month!

Blazing Hog Internet Plans & Pricing

Blazing Hog 4G LTE internet is only $99 a month! Experience true high speed internet without speed throttling or traffic deprioritization. No matter how much data your family uses, there are no limits, slowing down of internet speeds, or extra fees. Game, surf, stream and share to your hearts content with 4G LTE internet from Blazing Hog! Call 1-833-788-8793 to make the switch to Blazing Hog today!

  • No Speed Throttling!
  • Only $99 A Month!

High Speed 4G Data Nationwide!

Blazing Hog internet is available nationwide! Even if your home is within a coverage gap area, Blazing Hog internet may still work with additional signal boosting equipment. Call us today at 1-833-788-8793 to see if Blazing Hog is available at your home.

No Throttling Or Deprioritization!

No matter how much data you use, your internet will not be throttled, deprioritized or slowed down in anyway.

Enjoy Online Gaming!

Online gaming is possible with Blazing Hog! Internet speeds average 27.8 Mbps and 35.7 ms ping time nationally. Your internet speeds will vary according to distance from tower, network load and local interference.

Binge Watch Steaming Video!

With Blazing Hog, your internet is fast! There’s no throttling or deprioritization so stream away!

Blazing Hog Internet Is Available Nationwide

Blazing Hog internet is available nationwide! Even in the small areas where there are known coverage gaps, Blazing Hog internet may still work for your home depending on where the nearest 4G tower is from your home through additional signal boosting equipment. Call 1-833-788-8793 for specific address availability today!

  • Nationwide Coverage!
  • 27.8 Mbps Average Download Speed!

Call 1-833-788-8793 | Find Packages In Your Area

Blazing Hog Internet Speeds

Experience faster speeds and better ping rates with Blazing Hog! Whether you play FortNite, Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2, GTA V, or Madden NFL 20 online with friends; Blazing Hog has the speeds and a ping rate that satellite internet cannot currently compete with. The download speed and ping rate you will receive will be determined on your distance from the tower, network load, and local interference. However, the current national average is 27.8 Mbps speeds and 35ms ping rate! So game on with no limitations and enjoy the internet speeds and ping rate you need with Blazing Hog!

  • Blazing Hog Average Download Speeds Of 27.8 Mbps!
  • Blazing Hog Average Ping Of 35ms!

Make Your Blazing Hog Internet Wireless

When you purchase a 4G LTE internet plan from Blazing Hog, you’ll receive a Blazing Hog modem. This is your high speed internet connection from Blazing Hog that you can connect one device by Ethernet cable. However, one hardwired connection isn’t enough and isn’t practical for most households. To make your home wireless and enjoy multiple connections, you’ll need a wireless router. Check out our list of Blazing Hog approved and recommended routers sorted into the following groups to make choosing a router easier: best for casual internet users, best for families with children, best for social media enthusiasts, best fir streamers & movie buffs, best for hardcore gamers and best for IOT devices.

  • Making Your Blazing Hog Internet Wireless Is Easy!
  • See Our Blazing Hog Approved Routers Here.

True 4G LTE Internet

With Blazing Hog, your internet plan only costs one flat rate! There are no extra fees, data caps and it is never throttled. You can binge watch your favorite Netflix series, connect on social media, download your favorite musicians new album, play the hottest games online and more without worry of running out of data or extra fees. Blazing Hog doesn’t penalize you for using your internet. Choose how you want to use your internet, not your provider. It also has a low ping rate that’s perfect for online gaming!

  • True 4G LTE!
  • No Data Caps, No Throttling Speeds!

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