MetroNet Internet Review

Metronet Internet Review Overview

Metronet got its start in 2005 offering telecommunication services that are still 100% fiber optic. Without the need for cable or DSL, Metronet is able to deliver fast and reliable service to customers in select states across the country. Though customers can sign up for services online by entering their address to check if Metronet is available in their area, there are also some brick and mortar locations that people can visit for assistance.


  • No Data Caps
  • Easy Install
  • Great Speeds


  • Not Widely Available
  • Technology Fee
  • Price, Internet Plans, & Speed Vary by Location

Packages & Pricing

Internet Package Regular Price Download Speeds Plan Details
Metronet 100M Internet $29.95/mo for 12 mo + $39.95 for 12 mo Up To 100 Mb View Plan
Metronet 500M Internet $49.95/mo for for 12 mo + $59.95/mo for 12 mo Up To 500 Mb View Plan
Metronet 1 Gig Internet $59.95/mo for 6 mo + $69.95/mo for 12 mo Up To 1000 Mb View Plan
Metronet 2 Gig Internet $99.95/mo for 12 mo + $109.95/mo for 12 mo* Up To 1000 Mb View Plan

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Metronet Internet Plan Features

Metronet uses a 100% fully fiber optic network to deliver a dedicated high-speed connection to its clients. Metronet’s network can currently provide speeds up to 1 gig, which is perfect for households with multiple devices, frequent streaming, online gaming, and more! Metronet doesn’t have a data cap on any of its plans either, which means customers never have to worry about hitting a data limit that slows down their connection. They also don’t have any contracts, so you are never locked into a long-term plan.

Metronet Internet Contract Options

Most internet service providers today require customers to sign multi-year contracts that lock them into the service. Metronet bucks that trend and doesn’t place contracts on any of its Internet plans. This means you won’t see significant price hikes built into your pricing structure! Also, none of Metronet’s plans require a credit check or deposit fee, as many other providers have started doing.

Potential Metronet Internet Service Fees

Metronet does an exceptional job at letting its customers know exactly what their monthly fees are going to be. They don’t force customers into a contract, so they are never locked in if the service doesn’t work perfectly for them. Metronet provides a router with all of their internet plans, which does add a $9.95/mo technology fee. If you opt to use Metronet’s professional installation service, there is also a one-time $25 fee that can be fully waived if you opt-in for paperless billing.

What Is Metronet’s Technology Service Fee?

It’s a mandatory flat $9.95 a month fee added to every Metronet customers’ bill. It covers all Metronet owned equipment at no cost to the customer including service calls, broken modem routers, broken set-top boxes, and wiring inside or outside your home. If you ever need anything where a technician has to visit your home for any reason at all, you will not be charged.

Today’s Metronet Internet Deals

MetroNet constantly is running excellent promotions, so there’s no bad time to switch over to them as your internet service provider. For example, they are currently running a 2-Year Price Lock on the 500 Mb fiber optic plan, for $59.95/mo.* They also always offer no contracts on any of their plans, so customers never get locked into a plan that isn’t perfect. Metronet also offers a ton of bundling options that can save you big money when your bundle your internet and phone packages.

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Metronet Internet Technology

A huge advantage that Metronet has over many other internet service providers is the way its network is built. Metronet uses a completely fiber optic network to deliver internet to homes and businesses. Fiber optic networks can deliver a significantly faster and more reliable signal through fiber optic cabling. Metronet started building out its network in 2005, so its infrastructure is much newer and reliable than other competitors, resulting in significantly fewer outages. Metronet provides each customer with a Metronet approved WiFi router, but also allows for you to bring your own device to their service.

Metronet Installation Information

Installation all depends on what equipment and lines are currently available at your home. If your home or apartment has already had Metronet in the past, installation may be quick and simple since most of everything should already be installed. For homes that have not, it can take anywhere from an hour to a few. If you choose Metronet as your internet provider, your installer will let you know what’s needed and how long it will take. It’s recommended to expect the full installation time window just in case a lot is needed to get you up and running.

Metronet Equipment Information

All equipment needed for Metronet internet service is included! If for any reason you decide to switch to a different internet provider, you will have to give your Metronet issued modem router back. If you would like to use your own router, you may do so. However, using your own router won’t save you any money on your monthly bill like it does with many other providers.

Metronet Internet Customer Satisfaction

Though most of Metronet’s brick and mortar locations have traditional 9am to 5pm hours during the week, their website contains a Virtual Learning Library that is available 24/7 for customers who need a quick answer to their inquiry. Whether you have questions about installation and internet services or streaming and television, you can find several FAQs and promoted articles that may have just what you’re looking for. And, if you still can’t find a solution, you can contact one of Metronet’s highly-trained customer care associates or submit a request online.

Metronet Coverage & Availability

Similar to other internet providers, Metronet is not available in every single area. Though they are working on expanding their services to more locations in the country, Metronet is currently available in certain communities in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio. To find out if Metronet is available in your area, simply enter your zip code at the top of your page or give us a call.

For information on if MetroNet is available where you live, please enter your zip code below or call 1-844-835-4877 today!

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Internet Near Me Recommendation

If you have Metronet services available to you in your area, it’s great choice for you. Though they don’t have TV, their internet service is very fast. With that said, Metronet is great for cordcutters and streamers! Their 100% fiber network makes streaming any streaming service of your choosing a very good experience. No matter what your needs are, Metronet will have a plan for you to suit your needs and your budget.

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Internet Near Me Rating

Our Internet Near Me ratings are formed from a combination of the following factors: On-site customer feedback, government data on ISP speed and reliability, insights from industry leaders, publication ratings and user testing.

Speed – 9

Value – 8

Reliability – 9

Availability – 6

Customer Service – 7

Overall Rating – 8

Editor’s Notes

Metronet is a small local provider, but slowly expanding. If you’re interested in Metronet, but it’s not currently available where you live – check their construction updates. Metronet is very forthcoming with information regarding current and future construction. If you don’t see your town or have a question, send them a message and they’ll get back to you quickly.

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