MetroNet Internet Deals

Metronet Internet Deals

With 100% fiber internet, nothing else compares to the quality of connection and the service you will receive with Metronet. What sets fiber apart from other forms of internet, you may ask? Bandwidth. Because of the type of network required for fiber internet, it creates incredible bandwidth that allows for even more data to flow through quickly and easily. Now, there’s no need to worry about sharing an internet connection with your entire family – everyone can use their devices without interruption or slowed connection due to a clogged bandwidth! Call 1-844-835-4877 to take advantage of these Metronet deals today!

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Choose a Metronet Internet Plan That Works For You

At Metronet, we believe in providing reliable and secure connections at a reasonable price. Our 100% fiber network does things with which cable and DSL simply cannot compete. With a variety of prices that have a range of speeds, you can be sure to find a plan that works for you and your wireless internet needs. Check out the table below to learn more about each plan and how many devices/what sorts of activities they can handle.

  • Metronet Internet Starting At $29.95/Mo!*
  • Internet Speeds As Fast As 2 Gig!
Metronet Internet Plans Max Download Speed Monthly Price # Of Devices Best Usage For


Metronet 100M

Up to 100 Mb

$29.95/mo + $39.95 for 12 mo* Best For 2+ Devices Good For Light Streaming.


Metronet 500M

Up to 500 Mb

$49.95/mo for 12 mo + $59.95/mo for 12 mo* Best For 4+ Devices Streaming Video, Music, Video Chatting, & Uploading/Downloading.


Metronet 1 Gig

Up to 1 Gb

$59.95/mo for 6 mo + $69.95/mo for 12 mo* Best For 5+ Devices Heavy Streaming, Gaming, Downloading Videos, Photos & Video Chatting.


Metronet 2 Gig

Up to 1 Gb

$99.95/mo for 12 mo + $109.95/mo for 12 mo* Best For 5+ Devices Heavy Streaming, Gaming, Downloading Videos, Photos & Video Chatting.

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