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HughesNet Internet FAQs

Do you have questions about HughesNet Internet service? Please see our most commonly asked questions regarding HughesNet Internet service below. If you can’t find your question, need additional information or would like to subscribe to HughesNet Internet – please give us a call. Our Internet specialists are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you and get you started with HughesNet Internet!

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HughesNet Internet FAQs

HughesNet is a satellite Internet provider available across the US and is America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet. Over 1 million subscribers enjoy their stable, fast Internet connection that’s available wherever you are.

HughesNet is the very best satellite Internet provider you can choose. Their satellite Internet offers the lowest possible latencies and superior connections compared to other satellite providers.

Say want to access a specific website, this request will go to the router, the dish, then the satellite that’s 22,000 miles above in space.

The satellite contacts the HughesNet Network Operations Center (NOC), which forwards your request to the website server.

The server then sends the requested operation back through the same route – to the NOC, then to the satellite, your dish, router, and finally to your computer.

Prices for HughesNet start as low as $59.99 per month. There may be promotional pricing and special offers specific to where you live. Call 1-833-830-4314 for specific pricing, availability and special offers.

Fast for satellite Internet. You can expect download speeds of up to 25Mbps, and upload speeds of up to 3Mbps. These speeds are fast enough to browse the web, share on social media, stream and even some online gaming.

Yes, HughesNet is a satellite Internet provider and will require you to have their satellite dish installed to use their services.

You can play casual and turn-based games on HughesNet, and you can download and update all your games. If you want to play fast-paced, real-time games, however, you might have issues with performance. For more information on gaming with HughesNet, please check out our Gaming With HughesNet Guide.

No, unfortunately it is not recommended to play Fortnite with HughesNet or any satellite Internet service. Because of the longer ping times of satellite Internet, you will experience reduced game responsiveness, increased lag, and possible disconnection from games such as Fortnite. For more information on gaming, view our Gaming With HughesNet Guide.

No, unfortunately Xbox Live is also not recommended for HughesNet or any satellite Internet service, You won’t be able to play Xbox Live on HughesNet because the longer ping times and latency that causes lag and sometimes disconnection in many games. For more information on gaming, view our Gaming With HughesNet Guide.

HughesNet is good for streaming content like YouTube videos and music, as long as you don’t stream ultra HD resolutions because these are very data-heavy. HughesNet helps you with this with their exclusive tool called HughesNet Video Data Saver. It automatically adjusts streaming video for great picture quality while using less of your data.

Yes! HughesNet is fast enough to stream Netflix, even in HD quality, but you should make sure you don’t go overboard and use up all of your data. As long as you keep HughesNet Video Data Saver on, it will automatically adjusts streaming video for great picture quality while using less of your data. It is also always recommended to monitor your data usage throughout the month. For more information on HughesNet & Netflix, click here.

While some say that they managed to use Roku with HughesNet, there are many who report having buffering issues with Roku. A workaround is to download and pre-record during Bonus Zone.

Any type of work that’s not data-heavy can easily be done from home with HughesNet, for example, emailing or writing. However, if your job requires you to download/upload lots of data, you may go over your data cap quickly.

Yes, the Ring Doorbell Cameras should work as long as you have a consistent 2Mbps upload and download speeds. If you plan to upload the footage to the cloud, keep track of your monthly data allowance.

Yes, your Vivint system should perform well as long as you have 2Mbps download and upload speeds per camera.

Yes, you can use Amazon Echo on HughesNet to schedule appointments, check the weather, control other devices, stream music, ask questions and more.

Yes, Google Nest Cam Indoor will work well with HughesNet and won’t use up all your data if you set recording quality to 360p.

HughesNet supports smart security cameras, home security systems, Google Nest lineup, Amazon Echo lineup, Ring Cams, Philips Hue lighting systems, and many more. All smart devices that don’t require a static IP address are supported.

Chances are, you can. HughesNet offers coverage in the continental US. That said, densely covered areas like forested towns may find some signal difficulties. For specific address availability, please call 1-833-830-4314.

Yes, as HughesNet is a satellite provider, chances are that you can get coverage in your area too. HughesNet doesn’t require any traditional infrastructure; you can get it as long as you can install their satellite dish.

No, HughesNet and DishNET are two separate satellite Internet providers. However, DishNET is no longer offered.

HughesNet offers similar speeds to Viasat but includes more data with each plan. Plus, the Bonus Zone with 50GB extra data is only available with HughesNet.

No, you don’t need to have a phone line to get HughesNet Internet, just the HughesNet satellite dish and the included modem/router.

Yes, you will have to sign a 24-month contract for your HughesNet plan.

The amount of data depends on the service plan you get. The plans currently available include 10GB, 20GB, 30GB or 50GB of monthly data. Each plan also comes with a bonus 50GB of monthly data during off-peak hours – between 2 AM and 8 AM.

You can check data usage in real-time so you make sure you don’t go over with the Status Meter. You can also check data usage under My Account > Usage, or via the mobile app.

The HughesNet Free Time / Bonus Zone is from 2 AM to 8 AM.

The date your Hughesnet data resets each month is based on when you activated the service. For example, if you activated the service on the 5th, then your data will reset on the 5th of next month.

Data tokens give additional data and restore speeds to normal after you have used up your data for the cycle. You can purchase additional tokens with 3GB, 5GB, 10GB, and 25GB of data.

HughesNet Bonus Zone (formerly Bonus Bytes) activates every day between 2 AM and 8 AM. During that time, customers can take advantage of up to an extra 50GB per month in their data plan at no additional cost.

HughesNet doesn’t have hard data limits. After you use up all your data for the month, you will stay connected at reduced speeds (usually between 1Mbps and 3Mbps) until the next data cycle with no extra charge. If you need more data at your usual speeds, you simply buy HughesNet Data Tokens or take advantage of the Bonus Zone.

Coming soon! It’s expected to be launched in early 2021, customers can expect HughesNet Gen 6 sometime in 2022. For more information including the most recent updates, please follow here.

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