DISH Smart Home Services

DISH Smart Home Services

DISH cares about customers, and their Smart Home Servicing is just one of the ways they show it. Instead of making you wait around for a technician on multiple visits, DISH schedules all of your electronic installation needs in one single appointment so that your time isn’t being wasted. All in-home solutions are provided by expert, professionally-trained technicians that range from TV installation and wireless networking to help you find the best indoor or outdoor camera to install at your home. Plus, you can choose to control everything in your smart home through a professionally installed Google Home Hub. Whatever your in-home installation needs may be, DISH is standing by and ready to assist!

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TV Installation

If the aesthetic of your home is clean and minimal, you might want to consider mounting your television on a wall to eliminate the need for a coffee table or entertainment center. DISH’s skilled technicians can perform this service and more starting at just $199.99 and ensure your TV is mounted with the best angles and height positioning in mind. We can even install full motion brackets that allow you to move your TV to any angle or direction you want!

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TV & Phone Accessories

Looking to get the absolute most out of your viewing experience on your TV or phone? Experience fully immersive sound with one of our SmartBar or SmartAudio Systems, complete with full installation. We also offer a wide array of Bluetooth headsets so you can listen to your TV without disturbing those around you! DISH technicians are now equipped with a variety of high-quality accessories so that you can purchase from them directly at your installation or service appointment!

Power Relocation

Finally, an entertainment set-up that takes your home’s aesthetic to heart. If you’re tired of seeing tangles of cords and wires, DISH technicians can perform wire relocation services by organizing and hiding your cords in an in-wall wiring kit for a cleaner look.

Efficient Appointments

Why schedule multiple appointments for services when they can be done all at once? DISH knows your time is valuable, which is why you can now schedule one single appointment for all of your electronic installation needs.

Expert Installation

All of DISH’s technicians are highly-skilled and professionally-trained to mount, install, and configure your devices and equipment. They’ll even help you connect your electronics to the WiFi or show you how to manage your security cameras from your smartphone.

Wireless Networking

Home internet is virtually useless these days without a router to create wireless connections in your home, which is why DISH specializes in wireless networking services. Starting at just $99.99, a trained DISH technician will install, configure, and secure an in-home wireless network so that you can enjoy a seamless wireless connection anywhere in your home. They will even help you connect up to four devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, or anything else you may have.

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Indoor Cameras

Setting up a nanny cam or a camera for right inside your door can be a good way to have a bit of extra security, especially if it’s a smart camera that sends the footage directly to your phone. For a low price, DISH technicians will install and set up your indoor camera and even walk you through how to see footage from your smartphone and sort through old footage. We offer the top-of-the-line Indoor Nest Cameras, along with our professional installation for one low cost!

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Outdoor Security

Security cameras are a great comfort when you’re away from home, especially when they’re smart cameras that can be accessed from a smartphone. Your DISH Smart Home Services technician will not only set up your outdoor cameras and connect them to the wireless network, but also show you how the app works on your phone. All of this is done with the power of Nest and their array of impressive outdoor cameras, including the Nest Hello Doorbell and IQ Outdoor camera! We also offer full installation and integration of Yale Lock devices, directly into your Nest system to ensure full security of your home.

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Whole-Home WiFi

Keep your whole home covered with high-speed DISH Internet, so you and your guests can stay connected and entertained at all times! With our dual-band Wi-Fi systems, we can keep even the largest houses or businesses completely covered with a high-speed signal. Enjoy seamless streaming, videoconferencing, online gaming, and more in every room!

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Smart Home Features

Invest in a smart lighting setup that will save you money on utilities! With this unique service from DISH, a technician will install smart bulbs that can be controlled by your smartphone to either dim, turn on, or turn off. All of your lighting, and more, can be controlled through a convenient Google Home Hub panel or smartphone app… and why stop at lighting? Adjust your thermostat without ever having to leave your cozy bed or couch. With just a few clicks, you can manage the temperature in your home and even schedule the heat or AC to kick on just before you get home from work. With the Nest Learning Thermostat, you can program your own specific heating and cooling schedule or be control it remotely via Nest’s handy app.

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If you’re waiting for an in-home services solution for your electronics, you’d be hard-pressed to find a provider who can do it better than DISH. For reasonable prices, you can schedule all of your electronic installation needs for one single appointment and learn directly from your technician how to operate your new smart devices!

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