Hopper 3 HD DVR

Hopper 3 HD DVR

Does anyone out there remember the days of recording movies and TV show episodes over old VHS tapes? Or even just a few years ago, when the thought of recording two programs at once was a mere dream? With DISH’s new Hopper 3 DVR, those days are long gone!

The Hopper 3 has created a conversation about what people really want out of their television experience. With seamless integration of your favorite streaming apps, multiview capabilities that come in handy for athletic events, enough storage space for the whole family to record their movies and TV shows, and the ability to watch from absolutely anywhere, you’ve got a powerful tool that fits inside one little box.

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Freedom to Record What You Want

No longer do you have to decide which shows or movies with conflicting times you want to record – with the Hopper 3 DVR, you have epic recording power that has the ability to record up to 16 programs at once and store up to 500 hours of HD movies, games, and shows. Now, none of your shows have to be sent to the chopping block. Enjoy your freedom to record with DISH’s Hopper 3!

  • Record Up To 16 Programs At The Same Time!
  • Store Up To 500 Hours Of HD Programming.

MultiView Mode For Sports Fans

When you’re a sports fanatic with a scheduling conflict, choosing which game to stream and which to record shouldn’t have to be a question. With the Hopper 3, the multiview capabilities allow for four channels to be featured on your screen at the same time. Experience the thrill of a sports bar from the comfort of your own home with friends and family. What could make Sunday football any better than that?

  • Watch Four Channels On One TV At The Same Time
  • It Has A Locate Remote Function!

Integrated Apps

Programming your remote to customize the buttons is a thing of the past! With seamless integration of your favorite streaming apps into your Hopper 3, finding a show or movie to watch on a different platform is as easy as clicking a button. The built-in apps like Netflix, Youtube, and Pandora instantly transform any TV a smart TV – going from listening to music or following along with a yoga video to streaming that new TV show has never been simpler or faster.

  • Netflix, YouTube & Pandora Are Built-In!
  • Easily Find Your Show Or Movie Without Changing Devices!

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Watch TV On The Go

Forget your book at home or in the car again? Not to worry! With the Hopper 3, you can watch 100% of your live and recorded TV on any device and stay entertained even in the dullest of moments. Whether you’re stuck in the waiting room of a doctor’s office or have a few minutes of quiet while eating lunch in the office, your access to recorded content is unlimited when you’re on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

  • Watch All Of Your Live & Recorded TV On The Go!
  • Watch From Any Internet Connected Smart Device.

Auto-Skip Commercials With PrimeTime Anytime

Love primetime shows, but don’t love their commercials? Primetime AnyTime automatically records primetime shows in HD on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. Plus, when you go to watch your favorite Primetime shows, Autohop automatically removed commercials for you so you don’t have to watch them! If you don’t like everything automatically being recorded, you can edit which networks and time frames record in your PrimeTime Anytime settings. PrimeTime Anytime only uses one of sixteen tuners and doesn’t take up any room on your hard drive, leaving your Hopper 3 available to watch and record on other channels.

  • Automatically Records Primetime Shows!
  • Autohop Skips Commercials On Playback!

Locate Your Remote Easier

With the Hopper 3 HD DVR, you’ll never lose your remote again! All you have to do is push the “Locate Remote” button on the front your new Hopper 3 and your remote will beep and light up until you find it! When you find it, push any button on the remote. It’s that simple. No more lost remotes or wasted time trying to find it. Plus, DISH’s remotes are designed to be easier to use than other remotes. With superior search functions from the Hopper 3 and its intuitive remote you’ll be able to navigate to your favorite channel, movie or TV show more easily.

  • Has A Locate Remote Function!
  • Designed To Be Easier To Use.

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