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Best Consolidated Communications Router In 2021

Looking for a new Wi-Fi router that works with your Consolidated Communications internet plan? Choosing a new router can be difficult and even overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Here at Internet Near Me, we’ve rated ten of the best wireless routers that work well with all Consolidated Communications internet plans. From frugal, to high tech, to family oriented – with Consolidated Communications as your internet provider, you have many router options available to you. Whether you’re shopping for a new router at the start of service or it’s time to replace your broken or outdated router; there’s a router that fits your family’s needs on our list. View our top router picks for 2021 that are compatible with all Consolidated Communications internet plans here.

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Compatible With Consolidated Communications Internet Plans 50 Mbps & Under

TP-Link TL-WR841N Router

Specs: Single-Band 802.11 N

Approximate Price: $21.99

Advantages: No frills, basic and easy to use, at a lower price than its competitors.

Disadvantages: Only broadcasts 2.4 GHz band. Not meant for multiple users streaming at the same time.

Buy The TP-Link TL-WR841N Router

Overall Performance: 78%

Signal Strength: 80%

Router Speed: 80%

Router Range: 75%

Tenda AC1200 Wi-Fi Router

Specs: Dual-Band 802.11 N

Approximate Price: $63.89

Advantages: Equipped with 2 external antennas for expanded Wi-Fi coverage and 1 USB port for network file sharing.

Disadvantages: Reports of high latency when streaming multiple devices at the same time.

Buy The Tenda AC1200 Wi-Fi Router

Overall Performance: 85%

Signal Strength: 80%

Router Speed: 85%

Router Range: 90%

D-Link AC1200 WiFi Router

Specs: Dual-Band 802.11 AC

Approximate Price: $65.00

Advantages: Better Wi-Fi network coverage than the average entry level router with easy to set up parental controls.

Disadvantages: User interface is geared towards novice users. More advanced features can be difficult to find.

Buy The D-Link AC1200 WiFi Router

Overall Performance: 88%

Signal Strength: 85%

Router Speed: 90%

Router Range: 90%

LINKSYS AC1200 Router

Specs: Dual-Band 802.11 AC

Approximate Price: $104.43

Advantages: Linksys Smart Wi-Fi App can monitor usage and set parental controls including blocking specific devices from accessing the internet. There are numerous reports of superior customer service.

Disadvantages: Mixed reviews on ease of installation from less tech savvy users. No installation CD is required though.

Buy The LINKSYS AC1200 Router

Overall Performance: 90%

Signal Strength: 85%

Router Speed: 95%

Router Range: 90%

Google WiFi Router

Specs: Dual-band 802.11 AC

Approximate Price: $166.99

Advantages: Multiple Wi-Fi zones to eliminate dead zones and a stronger signal throughout your home. Easy to use and set up – it’s one single network for all of your family’s devices.

Disadvantages: Lacking in the most advanced features. Definitely recommended for more novice and intermediate users.

Buy The Google WiFi Router

Overall Performance: 95%

Signal Strength: 95%

Router Speed: 95%

Router Range: 95%

Tips On Choosing A Consolidated Communications Router

Before deciding on a wireless router for your Consolidated Communications internet, there are some things to keep in mind while shopping around. Do you know what speeds your current internet plans offer? If not, it’s important to call Consolidated Communications to find out before searching for a new router. Your new router is only going to be as good as the speed coming from your service plan and modem. If you also lease a modem from Consolidated Communications and have had that lease for a long time, it could also be time for an upgrade for your modem as well. With your modem you have a couple of options – you can either switch it out with Consolidated Communications and continue your lease or purchase your own.

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