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4G LTE internet really began to change the way we use our phones when it was rolled out – with higher and faster speeds for downloading, uploading, and streaming content, customers were satisfied with all the new capabilities their smartphones had. However, with technology evolving, customers asking for even faster speeds and owning more connected devices; it makes sense that the next big thing would be right around the corner and it is! Wireless providers have started rolling out 5G networks and it’s almost here for all of us to enjoy!

What Is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation cellular internet that will overtake the nationwide 4G LTE standard internet we all enjoy today. Just like how 4G replaced 3G and so on and so forth, bringing with it better technology to make our lives easier. Customers will be able to utilize 5G on their smartphones, tablets and mobile hotspots to surf the internet from anywhere, along with so many more exciting capabilities. 5G is different and is more than just a better internet connection. It will enable faster wireless internet everywhere and for everything across the nation greatly improving functionality from gaming with friends, smart home devices, connected cars.

How Fast Is 5G?

No one knows for sure how fast 5G will truly be, but this is what we know by testing: 5G is expected to be nearly 100 times the speed that 4G is now, topping out at 10 Gbps! That of course is in theory without variables such as how many people are connected to one tower, how far away are you from said tower, the device you’re on and etc. Even with all these factors combined, 5G is going to be far superior to that of previous generations.

With the ability to support up to a million devices per square kilometer, as opposed to 4G which can only equip up to 100,000 devices per square kilometer, 5G will come in handy. For example, in highly-populated areas or at events, often the cellular networks cannot handle the number of people attempting to use their phones. 5G will change that by being able to accommodate many more users, making many more people able to enjoy 5G speeds. In addition to superior speeds, 5G also promises to significantly reduce latency, which is a literal game changer. Gamers can expect faster load times, improved responsiveness, less lagging and potentially being able to play whatever mobile game they’d like to play while on the go with little to no hanging!

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How Can I Get 5G?

To experience 5G you need two things – a network that is building out their 5G network and a 5G smartphone or mobile hotspot. Because 5G is so new, your options are limited for the time being. Today there’s only a handful of devices that are 5G capable including the Samsung Galaxy S20 +5G, OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren, LG V50 ThinQ 5G and more coming soon! As more wireless providers pick up 5G and commit to building them out, manufacturers will follow in making their devices 5G capable. Expect to see more 5G phones soon. With Qualcomm committing to developing 5G capable chips, we’ll at least see more Android 5G capable phones soon. It may take a couple years for 5G to be a true viable nationwide option. However, if you have a 5G capable wireless provider and decide to go with a 5G phone, you’ll still have access to 4G LTE in 5G coverage gaps. So it’s certainly worth giving it an early try!

T-Mobile 5G

T-Mobile is the first deployed their 5G network in December 2019. Boasting the nation’s first and only nationwide 5G network, it’s still growing. T-Mobile promises to bring 5G to 200 million Americans in 2020. T-Mobile customers can get 5G right now with a 5G capable phone.

AT&T 5G Evolution

Technically speaking AT&T has 5G network right now, but is expected to really take off in 2020. AT&T has been slowly rolling out their nationwide 5G network using low band spectrum that delivers slower speeds but more extensive coverage than that of T-Mobile. To make it even more confusing this low band 5G is different from their current 5G Evolution brand. Despite the confusing label, AT&T’s 5G Evolution that many see on the top of their phones right now isn’t true 5G. 5G evolution is indeed faster than existing 4G LTE, but don’t let this fool you. 5G internet speeds are going to be much faster than this once it’s available on a nationwide level.

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Sprint 5G True Mobile

Sprint has their own brand of 5G called True Mobile 5G that’s currently available in 9 major cities with possibly more coming soon. It may be a moot point with the pending T-Mobile and Sprint merger on the horizon. But as of today if you live in the Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix or Washington, D.C. areas and have a 5G capable phone or mobile hotspot – you can have 5G internet.

Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband

Verizon has 5G as well and has branded it as their own 5G Ultra Wideband. It’s currently available in 30+ cities, with more planned to roll out this year. Verizon is working hard to launch their 5G, but it’s slow to roll out seemingly because it’s quality 5G. In Verizon Wireless’ advertising they point out a very important fact that plagues cellular internet – not all 5G is the same. Just like all 4G wasn’t the same and not all coverage is the same either, so time will tell which wireless provider does in fact have the superior product.

DISH Network 5G

Coming soon! DISH Network has been very hush hush about their new wireless network, but it is currently in the works! As more details slowly are being released, there’s not much known about their new network even though many have largely speculated DISH hopping into the 5G space right out of the launch gate due to their love of innovative technology and amounts of low band spectrum they’ve purchased over the years.

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