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Everyone loves finding WiFi spots – whether it’s in a cafe that offers it or the hotel where you’re staying during a vacation, it’s the best way to find a reliable connection on your smartphone. After all, we all want to be able to upload our fabulous beach photos from that trip to California, right?

However, what happens when there’s no WiFi to be found, or if you need to do business on a cell phone or laptop and can’t trust a public WiFi connection? Luckily, 4G LTE has come to be the saving grace for people who rely on Google Maps for directions or who need a secure connection for business purposes while on-the-go.

What Is 4G LTE?

4G LTE is wireless internet, the fastest wireless internet widely available in fact, and most of us already have these capabilities on our smartphones, hence the ability to run Google Maps or Spotify during road trips. With the abundance of 4G cell towers across the country, you can find wireless internet almost anywhere and have access to it with nearly every mobile provider available today, from AT&T and Verizon to T-Mobile and Sprint.

How Fast is 4G LTE?

Currently, 4G LTE is the absolute fastest commercial network technology that is widely available. With better quality coverage and more availability of 4G LTE across the country, people love it for its fast speeds of 86 Mbps for download and 28 Mbps for uploads that allow for fast reaction times while browsing and streaming. Though this, of course, may vary with factors such as how far away you are from a tower, how many people are trying to connect at once, etc., 4G LTE really is the best way to stay online while away from your home so that you can do the things you need to.

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How Does Hotspotting Work?

Though 4G towers are all over the country now, there still may be locations where access to it is not available. In rural areas, there are also some locations where even a home WiFi network doesn’t have a strong enough connection to work properly. That’s where hotspotting comes in!

There are two types of hotspots today: stationary and mobile, meaning with a mobile phone. For people who have difficulty getting reliable internet services at their home, a small hotspot device can be used as a means of getting online. Though it shouldn’t necessarily be used as a replacement for home internet, it can be a good alternative for homes who are having their connections blocked or diminished due to location.

Mobile hotspots have become more popular in recent years for its convenience factor. Gone are the days of connecting to a shady public WiFi on a business laptop and fearing that your information could be compromised. Using your smartphone’s hotspot capabilities, you can take a few simple steps to turn your phone into a hotspot and then connect (with some providers) up to 10 devices. Your phone creates a secure wireless connection without the need for cords or USB cables, so you can do your work or surf the web while feeling confident that your connection is reliable and private.

How Does This Work With a Data Plan?

An important piece of information to note is that unless you have an unlimited plan with your wireless provider, any streaming you do while using your phone as a hotspot will use up data, which could end up costing you in the long run. We recommend checking what your data plan is before using your mobile hotspot.

For people who have businesses that require them to do work on-the-go, purchasing an unlimited plan may be the best option. This way, you can stream and take care of anything you need online without worrying about breaking the bank if you accidentally go over your fixed amount of monthly data.

4G LTE Mobile Broadband Options

The easiest way to get 4G LTE internet is add it to your existing phone plan! (If you have unlimited data that is.) There are some disadvantages to this like CDMA providers like Verizon Wireless and Sprint not being able to surf and talk at the same time, but some phones have the capability to switch voice calling to data too. Also let’s not forget that if you want 4G LTE internet for more than a one off trip or occasionally on the go; you probably don’t want to be constantly using your phone to do it. This is where separate mobile hotspot is wonderful and all providers have them. Whether you decide to add-on the hotspot feature onto your phone, add a new line for a standalone hotspot or go with a new provider entirely – you have options!

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